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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, that really depends on many things. Do you put your eggs in the water straight away? Or after it has started boiling… Was the egg in the fridge before you put it in the water? Or was it on room temperature… Many questions. Let’s look at some tips.

If you set an egg (m) with cold water (you count the time from which the water boils):

  • Soft egg 3 minutes
  • Semi-soft egg 4-5 minutes
  • Hard egg 7 minutes

If you put an egg (m) in the water from the moment the water boils:

  • Soft egg 3-4 minutes
  • Semi-soft egg 5-6 minutes
  • Hard egg 8 minutes

It remains a matter of trying, because:

  • Very fresh egg? 1 minute extra
  • Egg straight from the fridge? 1 minute extra
  • Large (L) or extra large (XL) egg? 1-2 minutes extra
  • Small (S) egg? 1 minute less

However, if you ever thinking of boiling an ostrich egg you will have to boil it about 90 minutes… The more you know.

Feel free to send us an e-mail at

To attend the introduction week, you must be a registered BUas student.

Please be aware: Your enrolment must be complete before 1st September; all conditions must be met (diploma obtained and payment details have been arranged via Studielink). If the above conditions have not been met on 1st September, you will not have access to the BUas facilities.
You will not be assigned to a class and BUas has the right to deny you education.

If you have any questions about the introduction week feel free to send us an e-mail at You can also send us a DM on instagram.

• Valid ID card or passport

• Debit card

• Water bottle

• Sleeping bag (Wednesday) (

• Pillowcase and if necessary fitted sheet (Wednesday) (

• Toiletries (Wednesday)

• Towel (Tuesday)

• Sports/swimwear (Tuesday)

• Suncream (Tuesday)

• Good shoes

• Rain suit (just in case)

• And everything else you think you need…

What do you leave at home?

• Drink and drugs (we follow the rules of BUas, so no alcohol is served under the age of 18) Check conditions for more rules and information.

• Laptop

• Expensive watch or jewelry

• Your boyfriend or girlfriend

• Your pet

• Your parents

The Intro ABEL welcomes everyone who is new to Built Environment and Logistics! That includes exchange students, inflow students, etc. Be welcome! To registrate, click on the link on the homepage.

To participate in our activities you have to pay €135. Fill in the application and you will find out how you can pay.

You can sign up until the 21st of august, 23:59hrs

The introduction week will take place from August 29th till September 2nd. The first day will start in Breda and the last day will end in Breda. The definite program is still under construction.