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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, that really depends on many things. Do you put your eggs in the water straight away? Or after it has started boiling… Was the egg in the fridge before you put it in the water? Or was it on room temperature… Many questions. Let’s look at some tips.

If you set an egg (m) with cold water (you count the time from which the water boils):

  • Soft egg 3 minutes
  • Semi-soft egg 4-5 minutes
  • Hard egg 7 minutes

If you put an egg (m) in the water from the moment the water boils:

  • Soft egg 3-4 minutes
  • Semi-soft egg 5-6 minutes
  • Hard egg 8 minutes

It remains a matter of trying, because:

  • Very fresh egg? 1 minute extra
  • Egg straight from the fridge? 1 minute extra
  • Large (L) or extra large (XL) egg? 1-2 minutes extra
  • Small (S) egg? 1 minute less

However, if you ever thinking of boiling an ostrich egg you will have to boil it about 90 minutes… The more you know.

Send an e-mail to

To attend the introduction week, you must be a registered BUas student.

Please note: your enrollment must be completed by August 28 (payment arranged through Studielink). If your enrollment is not completed by August 28, you will not be allowed to use Buas study facilities and will be blocked. You will then not be assigned to a class, you are also not entitled to BUas tuition, and therefore you cannot join the intro.

If you have questions about the introduction week, send us an email: You can also send us a DM on Instagram.

Packing list

Once registrations are open, we will share what all you need to bring to the intro.

What to leave at home

  • Alcohol and drugs (we follow BUas rules; so no alcohol is served under 18) Check terms and conditions for more rules and information.
  • Laptop
  • Expensive watch or jewelry
  • Your boyfriend or girlfriend (or both)
  • Your pet
  • Your parents

Intro ABEL welcomes all students who are new to Built Environment and Logistics! So do exchange students, entry students, etc. Be welcome!

To participate in the introduction week you pay €150.

Yes indeed! Send an email to

You can register till the end of Sunday 20th of august. You can still make the payment until Monday August 28 when you arrive at the intro, so make sure your REGISTRATION is complete!

The introduction week will take place from Monday, August the 28th, till Thursday, August the 31th. The first day starts in Breda and the last day also ends in Breda! The final program is still under development.